Wooden cutting board Aurora, approx. 300 x 150 mm, 19mm thick, Spessart board

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  • Es handelt sich um ein handgefertigtes Produkt aus einem natürlichen Rohstoff. Abweichungen in Maßen, Farbe und Form sind daher möglich und zeugt vom natürlichen Ursprung und ehrlicher Handwerksarbeit. So können auch Einschlüsse von Ästen auftreten.
The classic. Beauty rests in simplicity. Our board "Aurora" is straightforward, straight,... more

Spessart board AuroraThe classic.

Beauty rests in simplicity. Our board "Aurora" is straightforward, straight, simple. And good.
Good for a long life, with you.
Whether breakfast, Vesper or as cheese and fruit board, the "Aurora" has enough place.

  • Model Aurora ca: 300 x 150 x 19mm
  • Each Spessart board is given an individual number, manually struck with numbers.
  • Surface: Finely sanded and pre-treated 2 times with linseed oil
  • For each board we plant an oak, and this oak gets the same number as a board.

Each board is unique.

Spessart board number

With us you buy unique pieces. Uniques.
What's the matter with you?
Each Spessart board receives a number. This is hammered in by hand with blow numbers. Doesn't have to be, but it gives us pleasure, and you certainly do, too... But the thing with the number has another reason. We plant an oak for every board sold.
We take from nature, we give to nature. This opens and closes the cycle.
And every tree gets the number of the board.

Spessart board Keimling

The thing about the trees. How we take from nature, and how we give again.

Spessart board banderole tree

We are grateful to get from nature. And that we can turn our backs on plastics, cheap products, low-wage production and rainforest clearing. Since we make everything as natural as possible, the cycle begins in an oak forest. There we leave the little trees time to germinate, to develop. And that's where they get "their number". In order to prevent wild browsing and other influences, we give the trees about a year to bring them to their final place. This is either in the great outdoors, during reforestation, or on one of our woods.

Each board comes with care instructions. But so that you can find out what real wood boards like or don't like before you buy, here are our care tips to download, or take a look at the YouTube video. Very easy to find here on the tab "YouTube Video".

Gifts: Ja
Shipping weight: 0,75 kg
Manufacturer: HA-SAV GmbH
Made in: EU (Germany)
brand: Spessartbrett
Label: sustainably and ecologically produced
Manufacturer address: Spessartbrett HA-SAV GmbH, Bahnhofstr. 12, 97840 Hafenlohr
Modell Aurora : Herstellung der Muster : Pflege der Spessartbretter:... mehr

Modell Aurora:

Herstellung der Muster:

Pflege der Spessartbretter: Wässern, schleifen und ölen:

Fototag bei Spessartbrett:

Die Nummer kommt ins Spessartbrett:

Blick in den Spessart:

Bei der Arbeit (Schlagen, Schleifen) so entsteht ein Spessartbrett:

Hinter den Kulissen von Spessartbrett: ein Bäumchen für jedes Brett:


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