Organic certificate

Our sheep are particularly close to the heart of customers who want to inquire about the origin and processing of products in the product selection and attach great importance to organic products, for example. For this reason, we have spared no expense and effort to meet these customers and to offer high quality organic products.

For documentation and transparency, we are pleased to present you our organic certificate, which allows us under strict and regularly controlled conditions to sell organic products to our customers and to use the European organic label:



Which criteria do organic products really stand for?

A food must comply with at least 95% of these requirements:

  • Waiver of chemical pesticides and fertilizers
  • maximum number of animals per hectare
  • appropriate housing forms
  • biological feed and prohibition of antibiotics for non-medical purposes
  • Ban on genetic engineering
  • in processed foods only 49 additives are allowed (instead of 316 in conventional products) 

Why this effort? Safety and nutrients for the consumer!

In the production of organic food, no pesticides are used because the cultivation of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is dispensed with. This means for the consumer that he absorbs less toxins through his food, the end product is thus free from harmful residues.


Genetically modified organisms must not be used either in the feed of organic livestock or in the ingredients for organic plant products.

The production of organic products is subject to strict guidelines. A state-approved organic inspection body regularly checks compliance with these regulations - this means, above all, more safety for the consumer. He can be sure that only products made under these guidelines may be labeled with the word "organic".

However, these contain more other nutrients and taste more intense. Organic farmers give their plants time to grow and flourish. The longer they mature, the more nutrients and dyes are present. They contain less water and therefore taste more intense.


Our organic control number is DE-BY-006-50203-H and our certificate can be viewed by clicking on our certificate shown on the right.

You would like to know if other companies are Bio Certified? In the database of the Eco-Control Office you can search for controlled companies:

If you have questions about organic products or our organic certificate, we are gladly available for you via online chat or e-mail.

Greetings from the entire "organic certified" Schafi team!