Potter babycare wound protection paste 75ml

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The protection for delicate baby skin The Töpfer Desire Protection Paste is ideal for the... more

Töpfer Babycare Mild baby care

The protection for delicate baby skin

The Töpfer Desire Protection Paste is ideal for the protection of highly stressed body regions, such as the diaper area of your baby. With the high proportion of zinc oxide, the paste protects and soothes the delicate baby skin particularly well.

Organic calendula - a beautiful flower with a powerful effect140069-T-pfer-Wind-Wetter-Calendula

It is one of the most important medicinal plants and, along with organic wheat bran, one of the main ingredients of the Babycare care series. The ingredients extracted from the flowers such as flavonoids, carotenoids, polysaccharides as well as saponins have a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect and promote rapid wound healing. Also ideal for daily body care of sensitive baby and adult skin.

Natural baby care for skin and hair

The skin of a baby is five times thinner than that of an adult and reacts correspondingly sensitively. It is therefore obvious that baby care products must provide plenty of protection against environmental influences such as heat, cold, sun and dehydration. That's why Töpfer uses carefully selected raw materials such as calendula and wheat bran, which can help the skin to develop its own healthy protection. Of course, all care products for the baby are tested for compatibility by Dermatest and are certified natural cosmetics.

Töpfer BIO

We use selected organic raw materials for our natural cosmetics. Our high standards have one, the most important reason: the well-being of your baby and high-quality care for the delicate baby skin. And all this without any unnecessary "frills".

This is what particularly distinguishes the Töpfer Babycare wound protection paste:

BDIH seal

  • Dermatest "very good"
  • meets BDHI standard for controlled natural cosmetics
  • protects the sensitive baby skin in the diaper area with natural active ingredients
  • prevents sores and soothes reddened and irritated skin
  • with organic ingredients
  • free from synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives
  • with 15 % zinc oxide
  • fragrance-free
  • water-free
  • without animal raw materials
Füllmenge (Volumen): 75 ml
Products with organic ingredients: Yes
age group: from birth
Shipping weight: 0,1 kg
Manufacturer: Töpfer
Made in: EU (Germany)
product group: natural cosmetics, protection cream, wound protection
brand: Töpfer, Töpfer Babycare
care products: creams, Diaper
Target group: Adults, Boys, Girls
Manufacturer address: Töpfer GmbH, Heisinger Straße 6, 87463 Dietmannsried
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Ingredients Olus Oil, Zinc Oxide, Talc, Distarch Phosphate, Silica, Triticum... mehr


Olus Oil, Zinc Oxide, Talc, Distarch Phosphate, Silica, Triticum Vulgare Bran Extract*, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract*, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil*, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract*, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil.

*Ingredients from certified organic agriculture.


Olive Oil, Zinc Oxide, Talc, Distarch, Phosphate, Silicon Dioxide, Triticum Vulgare Bran Extract*, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract*, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil*, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract*, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil.

*Ingredients from controlled organic cultivation.

What is the BDIH seal? This test mark for controlled natural cosmetics is based on... mehr

BDIH seal

What is the BDIH seal?

This test mark for controlled natural cosmetics is based on ecological, health and social aspects. The criteria go beyond what is required by law and take into account the raw materials used, the manufacturing process and the end products.

The seal was developed in 2001 on the initiative of natural cosmetics manufacturers and is awarded by the Federation of German Industrial and Trading Companies (BDIH for short).

What criteria must products meet?

The label is intended to define the term controlled natural cosmetics and provide orientation for consumers. It also aims to contribute to fair competition among manufacturers and distributors of natural cosmetics.

At least 60 percent of all cosmetics of the brand to which the respective labeled product belongs must meet the BDIH standard. This includes the following specifications:

  • no artificially produced colorants and fragrances, silicones, kerosenes and other petroleum products may be used for the products
  • the raw materials must come predominantly from controlled organic cultivation
  • 15 vegetable raw materials, such as jojoba oil, olive oil or soybean oil, but also palm and coconut oil, must always come from certified organically grown plants.
  • in addition to the predominantly plant-based approved raw materials, substances produced by animals (e.g. milk and honey) are also permitted.
  • Raw materials from dead vertebrates (e.g. animal fats) are prohibited
  • Animal testing is prohibited in the production, development and testing of the final products; raw materials tested on animals after 31.12.1997 are excluded.
  • genetically modified organisms must not be used
  • the products must be manufactured in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way
  • packaging materials must be made of recyclable materials and used as sparingly as possible.

How is compliance with the criteria ensured?

The criteria for awarding the label are co-developed by independent bodies. Independent control institutes test the registered natural cosmetic products for their ingredients and composition. During the first test, the manufacturers must submit certificates from recognized control bodies with which they can prove that the organic standard of the products is met. Subsequently, certificates from non-recognized inspection bodies are also sufficient.

What are the criticisms of the BDIH seal?

Few critical voices are known about the BDIH seal for natural cosmetics. One of the standards is that 15 raw materials specified by the BDIH must come from organic production - all other raw materials must only come from organic production "as far as possible". Stiftung Warentest states in this regard: "a proportion is not defined, however". It is however defined, if the product carries additionally the word "bio" in the name, then 95% of the contents materials must come from controlled biological cultivation . label-online.de criticizes that the assignment process of the label for outsiders is not transparent enough.

No animal testing with BDIH products

BDIH natural cosmetics are not automatically vegan. Although the use of raw materials from dead vertebrates (e.g. animal fats and oils, collagen and fresh cells) is prohibited, very much so is the use of substances produced by animals (such as milk and honey).

However, no animal testing may be carried out or commissioned either in the production or in the development or testing of the end products. This also applies to raw materials, which may not have been tested on animals after 1997. BDIH natural cosmetics may therefore be considered free of animal testing in practice.

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