About us

Expertise in organic products for over 8 years

In 2021, we at Schafi-Shop decided to meet the growing need to offer you, our customers, only the best organic products by founding our own shop: BIO-SCHAFI.DE . In this way, we would like to make it clear that we have a high level of competence in the subject of organic products - and not just since 2021. We have been regularly certified organic for years. This is done once a year by the inspection body DE-ÖKO-006, the ÖkoP Zertifizierungs GmbH from Straubing. You can find more information about our certification, the certificate and our organic control number here.

Here you can now choose from different product ranges. One thing is the same for all products here in the shop: they have an organic seal or correspond to demeter quality. Some companies, such as Hipp, are voluntarily even stricter with regard to ecological principles, cultivation and processing. You can find more detailed information on the manufacturer pages here on BIO-SCHAFI.DE .

What do we do better than our competitors? You always have the possibility to check the best before date when you put the items in your shopping trolley in the organic shop around the corner. Almost no online shop offers you this important information - but after you have bought a product that was close to the best before date, you know very well that it is extremely important to know if the product is still ok for the next 2 years or only for the next 2 weeks. What is the point of 4 packs that expire in 2 weeks if one pack will last for 2 months? At BIO-SCHAFI.DE, we have invested in our logistics and IT to enable us to clearly display the best-before date for all products with a minimum shelf life in real time on the product detail page. This way you are always sure to get fresh products at BIO-SCHAFI.DE. This is a service that you can hardly find anywhere else. Neither at Amazon nor at most online shops today.

The entire BIO-SCHAFI.DE team hopes you enjoy shopping with us!

all organic. all good.